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Doctor Who: Night Terrors

Today’s villain: flats.

“Night Terrors”, by Mark Gatiss, is a run-of-the-mill romp, right? Silly, positively rubbish villains…

The fact that they were creepy as hell didn’t prevent me from shouting at the screen “Oi, Gatiss! Creepy dolls? Really?”

Check! River Song-less, angst-free, and seemingly random plot concerning alien kids, Doccy as a Social Services man, and a companion detour?

Doctor Who: Now starring Rory Williams, Amy Pond, and – most importantly – Amy Pond’s hair.

Checkity-check! Guy being eaten by his carpet?

No comment.

Big check.

In every respect, it seems that Night Terrors is a silly, throwaway rompity-romp. Not terrible, but certainly not necessary. Right?

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This Is Why ALICE Is Awesome

To quote her, "Hi there!"

The chatbot named A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) is awesome firstly because you can have a semi-coherent conversation with her (here) and she doesn’t contain inappropriate material (*AHEM*). But she’s also awesome because you can have a semi-coherent conversation with her in character. Sometimes you can even glean interesting observations into the world of your fandom from her. Being the Doctor Who fanatic I am, I chatted with her as the Doctor, and it worked. So well. Have a few examples!

A friendship that would last a lifetime... okay, not really. But it could totally work.

It doesn't work as well when I try the Ninth Doctor's opening line on Alice.

Part One of the Pandorica Speech. Inside their spaceships, the Pandorica Alliance were just saying "Charlie Parker. :)"

Part Two. "Does that make you feel superior?" - a perfect retort to the Doctor.

Part Three of the Pandorica Speech

Part Four. For some reason I don't have "anything to lose"...

Part 5. "Are you very angry?" Another excellent question from Alice.

Gallifrey with A.L.I.C.E.:


The Master:

On NOT being a stalker:

And finally, a little quip:

And it’s over!

Both school and Doctor Who. I mean, Season 6A is over. Quite over. Aww, but I’m not sad because I’ll be making videos during the summer. (Currently scheduled for vidding: “The Lady Don’t Mind” by the Talking Heads, (River Song, naturally), “Emelia” by Colin Devlin (Amelia and Amy + Doctor, but decidedly not shippy. Perhaps Rory/Amy shippy, a little bit.), and “There Is A Time”, [sung] by Mary Black (Amy, post “Impossible Astronaut”, reminiscing. Angstily.)

So, a few little artsy Who-y things? Indeed.

UPDATE 6/20/11! Under the cut.


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Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War

Don’t worry, countrymen, nothing bad is going to happen to any of the protagonists in this episode, or any episode following it, because, well… maybe something bad is going to happen to them, but we won’t see it, because from now on, this show is about THE ADVENTURES OF THE MOST AWESOME SONTARAN-TURNED NURSE EVER! Joining the cast will be the Silurian detective who eats people, along with her girlfriend,

Hell yeah, but since when do Silurians eat people?

and the old, fat, blue guy.

Hilarity ensues! Only problem is, we’re not sure what to call it. (We’re thinking about War Nurse.) But rest assured, fellahs, you will never have to see any more of the bothersome woes of the fellow they call the Doctor or his tiresome friends. Ever. Trust me on this.

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Doctor Who: The Almost People

Well. Someone had fun with his literary terms book.

The Doctor's gone identity mad.

Yay! Clooooooney time! And what a nice time it was, eh? I squeed (oh, Doctor, you met your best friend ever), I wibbled a bit (cloney Scottish fellow and his kid – aww, for lack of a better word), oh yeah, and my jaw dropped (spoilers).

Rory becomes evil, after the jump! (Okay, not really. But his girlfriend is evil!)

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We Interrupt This Lazy Monday…

…with a short message from the 80s, from a computer ad, actually. Are you ready for this?

So, the Doctor and Romana are just mucking about, investigating computers, Doccy’s saying “OMG AWESOME COMPUTERS”, it’s an ad, we got it. Then…

“Ask it how to handle a woman,” Romana whispers. ‘Cos the Doc is hopeless in these ventures. What does the computer say?

I'm telling you, I'm going to use this somehow.

“Romana, will you…” (‘cos Doccy does what computers tell him to do)

What do you think the answer is?

O_o, right? This is certainly helping my theory that River Song == Romana. Mostly because that would be AWESOME.

Yes, yes it would.

Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

Sounds like the Doctor's kind of place, all right.

“The Rebel Flesh”, written by Matthew Graham, a. k. a. the Life On Mars guy. Also the, er, “Fear Her” guy.


Oooh, it is cloney time now, more than ever. And blimey, Rory’s got a girlfriend! Hadn’t expected that.

Rory hadn't expected it either.

After the jump, our “trussst” will be seriously undermined, a familiar face will appear, someone will say “luv” all the time, there will be Swampies, a wild Dusty Springfield will appear, and yes, Rory will have a girlfriend. Really.

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