Doctor Who

The obsession continues, because it’s brilliant. What is it, you may ask?

Find out here.

Basically, there’s a time-traveling alien bloke who can change his face when he’s about to die, very impressive right? And he has lots and lots and LOTS of friends. Well, some are friends, some are friends, if you know what I mean. He also has lots of enemies, some of which just NEVER DIE. Which sucks for him, but is cool for us. And did I mention he travels around in a blue police box? Which is bigger on the inside? No? Well, now I have. It’s brilliant, and he’s brilliant, and so are his friends.

So yeah, I have some stuff, reviews and all that brilliantness. There’s rather a lot of squee here, so be prepared.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten Army

Journey’s Rant

The Ten Doctors

Dear Mr. Doctor: PrologueChapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who – Columbus

A Few Random Who Things

The Impossible Astronaut

Impossible Astronaut Screencaps

The Saga Of Rory Williams

What Everyone Was Thinking During THAT SCENE

Day Of The Moon

My First Reaction To “Day of the Moon”

A Bit Of Fan Art

Day Of The Moon Color Bars

Grammar Lesson

Everything Has Its Time

The Haunting: Chapter 1

The Curse Of The Black Spot


Mid-Mid Season Celebratory Pictures!

The Doctor’s Wife

A Doctor Who/Mary Black Mashup

 The Rebel Flesh

The Almost People

A Good Man Goes To War

Let’s Kill Hitler

Night Terrors

And, because it’s my mom’s favorite screencap:


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