Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife

Doctor Who. Season 6. “The Doctor’s Wife,” by Neil Gaiman. Brilliant.


Blimey. Brings a whoooole new meaning to “shipping”, doesn’t it? Well, this story brought a huge smile to my face, and, really, isn’t that all that matters? HA!

Allons-y, after the jump.

So, so… it’s the TARDIS, and she’s a woman. What an utterly condensed-squee concept, eh? Well, not just for me… for everyone in the story, too! And it was very entertaining.

No, sorry Amy, I haven't a clue where my screwdriver could be...

“My thief!” (I heard ‘My Thete.’ And was quite happy.) A crack about a gym teacher! Finally, some affirmation that Time Lords can change gender! (Female Doctor time! Emma Thompson anyone?) An interesting bit about Amy and Rory’s sleeping arrangements! “The only water in the forest is the river”! Ood! More rooms in the TARDIS! The best use of kid’s work ever! Unsafe TARDIS driving! They killed Rory again! Ten’s TARDIS makes an appearance! River Song’s gonna be pissed!

Firstly, I’ll give our bets before the episode on who the Doctor’s wife would be:

Me: 60% the TARDIS, 40% Romana (hell yeah Romana!). Dad: 50-50 TARDIS and Romana. Mom: 50-50 Captain Jack and Mickey Smith (YEEEAAAAHHH!).

Obligatory Hot Romana picture.

Though I was disappointed the Doctor’s wife was not Romana, I was rather ridiculously pleased with this episode. Mostly ‘cos it was brilliant. I’ll explain later, but first a little synopsis:

He’s got mail. Mail from A TIME LORD OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG… although it’s happened like three times now, so I’m not sure why he believes it this time. Hopeful fella, Doccy. Anyways, the Doc happily jets off past the universe itself, jettisoning the swimming pool [:( ] along the way.

“Where are we?” “Where we’ve never ever been.”

Soooo, they land in a nice little junkyard planet with crazy bitey women and  Ood.

Is there some kind of Ood color of the month program? A while ago it was red, then white... now it's green!

Nice Ood, it is, though rather possessed by a splendid entity they call House. House is just one of those guys who wants to eat Time Lords and TARDISes. Why? ‘Cos they’re delicious, I imagine. At the beginning, he laid it on thick with some undeniably creepy hospitality, then he locked Amy and Rory in the TARDIS and tortured them. So yes, splendid fellow.

“You want to be forgiven.”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

Meanwhile, the Doc has a little plan. He’s going to talk to those Time Lords and get them to forgive him. And then they can be HAPPY HAPPY TIME LORD BFFS FOREVER!!!! And there will be unicorns and rainbows and chocolate fountains everywhere…

Suffice it to say there are no chocolate fountains. No more Time Lords, still last of his kind, we’re in a familiar place. Yes, Eleven, welcome back to the land of angst. (You do it brilliantly, I’ll give you that, quite probably the saddest smile I’ve ever seen.)

The Doctor has to meet his quota of shoutiness.

Not to worry, though, this brief n’ angsty foray doesn’t last long (although I believe, Eleven, you win the award for funniest line said in the most intense voice: “How’s your dancing? ‘Cos you’ve got two left feet!”). Soon enough, it’s time for the TARDIS to step up and be… well, herself.

So how exactly do you work this tongue thing?

Ms. TARDIS, Lady TARDIS, Idris, whatever you’re supposed to call her – she was rather brilliant. She and the Doctor still bantered about as much as River and Doccy do, but their relationship had less mystery, less denial (and confirmation at the some time) that they’re in love. More ‘OMG HI IT’S REALLY NO SECRET I LOVE YOU YOU SEXY THING’.

More confirmation that they're soul mates: they both love them some funny faces. And some rambles.

(I’m a bit afraid of the feminist’s stance on this one, though: talk about objectification of women! Well, technically womanification of objects, but still…)

Gaiman, in this episode, managed to bring up something I’d never thought of before: the TARDIS is the last of her kind too. So there they are, the eternal, maybe even legendary duo: last of their respective kinds. Rather nice silhouette.

Finally, even though we all knew it was coming, all knew she juuust had to die in the end… *snif*. All parties involved acted their hearts out in that scene. I don’t really like overblown, emotional death scenes like this, but… IT’S THE TARDIS! I have to make an exception for the TARDIS, darn it.

*cough* This is way sadder than when Rose left *cough*

Let’s talk about the main cast, shall we? Brilliant, although … they killed Rory again. Why am I not surprised? *sigh* At this point I think it’s probably intentional. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS, FELLAS: KILLING RORY IS NOT FUNNY AS A RUNNING GAG! (A better running gag: different hat for Doccy every episode. Which reminds me, there was no hat in this episode. Hmmph.)

Ooooh, Eleven... somehow you're becoming even worse than Ten with women! "She was a bad girl," indeed!

Eleven was versatile. I mean, he was well adapted to Mood Whiplash-tastic stories before, but oi, this is a whoooole new side of him. In addition to childlike glee,

"Do you have a room, Doctor?" What do you think, Rory?

rather menacing rage,

That was a nice "I'm MAD" speech, Doc, it really was.

and admirable awkwardness,

Eleven has added romance! I’ve never seen him, well, so moon-calf eyed. And then later, he was a master at wibbling just like Ten. Maybe better than Ten…

He doesn't want you to go...

And yet the adorableness stayed, in such little things as the way he holds his arms when he’s going to look for the Time Lords.

Another fine example of Mood Whiplash. He looks like a little mouse here, then the boxes make him angry.

As far as Amy, well, there was no pregnancy threat in this one. However, there was a lot of torture. Yes, that’s right, we’re back to the fine Doctor Who tradition of torturing the companions (nearly typed ‘compainions’) while the Doctor gleefully does something or other (in this case, building a TARDIS). Hullo, incredibly creepy dream sequence!

You've got to wonder where he got the black paint. And why they didn't just hold hands. Dreams never make sense, I guess...


Homemade TARDIS!)

*sigh* Hullo, killing Rory! Rory, that’s twice now you’ve gotten killed in a dream. Keep away from those, will you? Rory, it’s really quite funny that you are now ‘pretty’. You and Ten, the pretty boys of Doctor Who… well, I hadn’t expected that.

Neither had Rory.

Oh, back to Amy, it was interesting that now she was the experienced traveler in comparison to Rory. Rory’s the Arthur Dent now, and she’s the, well, if this metaphor works, she’s the Tricia McMillan… hmm. I suppose that works. (I like Amy a lot more than Tricia, though, and it’s slightly odd now, because Doccy’s Zaphod instead of Ford…)

"I'm ... sexy." "Still shut up!" Yeah, okay, sounds kinda like something Zaphod would do...

So, to wrap this up, it was brilliant. There were so many brilliant things, it’s easier just to list the things that failed, so…

Things that failed:

The fact that they killed Rory, the lack of River Song and catfights over the Doctor, the lack of a new hat for the Doctor, Rory and Amy not being able to hold hands ever. And that is all.

"Did you wish really hard?"

"Shut up, not like that!"

To next week, then! “The Almost People”, some rip-roaring clone action! Almost guar-an-teed to make the phrase “Trust me. I’m the Doctor,” creepy as hell! Yippee!

I see, Moffat, you're intent on embedding almost all of the catchphrases in S5 with a new meaning. First "Spoilers", then "fish fingers and custard", now this.


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  1. Cathie Rogers Dowis McBeth says :

    Poor Rory. Why are they doing this to him? I don’t get to watch each week, so I need to catch up somehow. Netflix?
    Thanks for the good summary. All this sex stuff, and all.

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