I love books. I also love humor. So why not make a funny blog with book reviews? Here, you’ll hopefully be amused by the writing and excited by the books. I’ll only review good-enough-to-read books, so none of the books will be “Well, you can use it to hold the door open…” More stuff is coming. More pictures, a bigger and better blogroll, that sort of thing. In case you’re confused by the rating system, we use a 3 check system, so instead of stars, it’s checks. That’s BookMarks.  Have fun.


7 responses to “About”

  1. Linda DeSpain says :

    I’m thinking you’re not so much of the swashbuckling adventure reader, as in “on the high seas” and “shiver me timbers”. Am I right? (Just working on a range of independent reading for this coming year…)

    Ms. L.

    • isabellerogers says :

      Right as always. I tend to make more fun of the adventure books than read them…they’re too car chase-y for me.

  2. Linda DeSpain says :

    Hi, Isabelle,

    I just read your latest entries. About Agatha Christie: I feel your pain. How about this: Go to Amazon.com and search “the best of Agatha Christie.” You’ll get a good list to preview; read the reviews, and perhaps pick a title that is more akin to “Murder on…” in terms of the period in which she wrote it.

    I checked this out myself and think it a decent route to take when wanting more of a certain author.

    Have you ever tried Charles Dickens?

    Happy hunting!
    Ms. Linda

    • isabellerogers says :

      LInda, I have not tried dickens but I’m going to try Mark Twain. And I have found more luck in the Christie department. Wikipedia is my friend.

      • Linda DeSpain says :

        What title(s) did you find lucky in the Christie department, and why was/were it/they (a) lucky find(s)?

        Ms. L.

      • isabellerogers says :

        Every Christie besides The Pale Horse were great to me. I guess I haven’t read any of the bad ones.

  3. Linda DeSpain says :

    What do you think about The Alchemist; is a review coming? What’s your take on it as a parable?

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