Doctor Who: The Almost People

Well. Someone had fun with his literary terms book.

The Doctor's gone identity mad.

Yay! Clooooooney time! And what a nice time it was, eh? I squeed (oh, Doctor, you met your best friend ever), I wibbled a bit (cloney Scottish fellow and his kid – aww, for lack of a better word), oh yeah, and my jaw dropped (spoilers).

Rory becomes evil, after the jump! (Okay, not really. But his girlfriend is evil!)

Before the review, a quick picspam, which will nicely introduce this little cloney story:



But don't you get it? War is brilliant!

Nah, war gives me a headache.


I learned from my role model.

Who's your role model?

Well, if you really want to know...

I have a crush on the Doctor.

But he's such an idiot! He stuck his hand in the Flesh! He got electrocuted! He tried to convince us war wasn't awesome!

That's why I have a crush on him.

Sooooo! The biggest thing at hand is obviously the Pond, her mystery of mysteriousness, and Eyepatch Lady. But I’ve seen “A Good Man Goes To War” (Review forthcoming, I don’t even, [incoherent noises]), so I’m a bit less surprised by it all. I’m sure the BIG REVEAL was jaw-dropping for those who saw it last week, but I got to watch the conclusion immediately after, so my jaw didn’t drop quite as much. STILL, more on that big huge thing that’s staring us right in the face later, and now…

I try to be like Grace Kelly, but all my looks are too sad.

On to the double eleven squee! I love how this was handled not just because it’s brilliant (THEY. FINISH. EACH. OTHER’S. SENTENCES.) but also because it had the potential to go so, so very wrong. I’m talking to you, Handy/10^2. Yes, in “Journey’s End”, when the Doctor was cloned before, I didn’t exactly enjoy it. Mostly because of the random “Oooh, let’s give Rose Tyler a birthday present: a “Doctor”!” and the fact that she doesn’t seem to enjoy it at all, but also because there’s none of what should happen (in my opinion) with two Doctors: them making fun of each other, making jokes about each other, and overall being the best BFFs ever. So I was incredibly pleased here.

The best friends in the universe. And yes, of course clone!doc had to die, but hey – he died with his (sorta) girlfriend.

River would be pissed... as would the TARDIS... it's a good thing this is clone me.

Also – it’s the clone eppie, so naturally, they did some social commentary. Never has “we switched shoes” meant so much.

But you're not really the Doctor, are you?

Odd implications here – she’s not really Amy Pond either, is she? It’s a clone who’s prejudiced against clones, which is weird.

"Call me John Smith."

Actually, the Doctor’s little experiment with prejudice is quite interesting. He’s the sort of bloke who would do this, definitely, but it’s interesting how surprised he is by it all. He loves Earth so much, you would think he would know all about it… but apparently not.

Then, of course, there’s his shouty time. His little “cloney” hissy fit. It’s a little creepy that the Doctor has the capacity to do that, and for no real reason at all except… what, exactly? To test Amy on her prejudice-meter? ‘Cos he needs his shouty time? If he was trying to get Amy to understand the plight of the clones, he could have told her in a more lucid way, something other than, well…


Rory’s girlfriend, then. Rory’s girlfriend became rather evil for no apparent reason,

got Rory to join the cloney rights movement with this,

Somebody watched "Love and Monsters" too many times, eh?

and finally turned into, er, this.

Somebody watched "The Lazarus Experiment" way too many times. And then added hair.

So yeah, pretty much, that is the sad fate of Rory’s girlfriend. They were not very adorable in this episode, due to her mutating into a giant… thingie and Rory running away from her pretty much the whole time. :((( (Don’t worry, Rory, you’ll get your redemption next episode)

Other than Rory’s girlfriend, the plot was pretty darn predictable – various people die, Rory’s girlfriend becomes evil, warrior!cloney woman with a medical condition decides to become nice (I still think it’s for her little crush), everyone (begrudgingly) joins the cloney rights movement, there’s a little heroic sacrifice for clone!doccy and his little girlfriend, and finally there’s a happy ending where the evil military company of evil is thwarted! Well, it’s supposed to be thwarted, anyways… the pessimists can still say that they failed.

Still on the topic of plot, my mom was wrong here – she thought that it was all twisty and philosophical, that everyone in the evil military corp. of evil was a clone and that the originals were long since dead. Interesting, but unfortunately false. It was deviously simple.

Due to awesome cloney time, 11 got many more elevenish moments than last episode. And thus this episode was better than “The Rebel Flesh”! It’s just that simple. He was less creepy and Seven-ish, which I didn’t miss, and more “OMG YAYYY IT’S MY CLONEY FRIEND I REJOICE IN CLONEYNESS!”

Not that I mind a creepy Eleven, but I can’t take much. There has to be enough of the gleeful Eleven, still amazed at the universe around him. (Um, unless the creepy Eleven is on purpose, as it is next episode…)

His barrel scene was interesting, and the way he reacted (straighten my bow tie, gather my remaining drips of dignity, have a stare-down with myself) was frankly kind of brilliant.


As previously mentioned, he had to have his shouty scene, and it was freaky and pretty shocking at first view, but nonsensical at best later. He gets passionate about these things, Eleven.

No one can ignore a wall full of eyeballs like you, Eleven! I suppose you take pride in that.

Something that was pretty cool; the Doctor finally gets to be a doctor, diagnosing his cloney girlfriend and then providing the magical cure.

(Plus? Red balloon FTW.)

I enjoyed clone!Eleven’s heroic sacrifice, actually. Pretty brilliant, or at least done in one of the best ways possible. Clone!Doctor and his clone!girlfriend, going down together.

Oh, and, thanks to the shoe switch, Eleven now knows how he’s gonna die. Thanks, Amy! Now he can make those invitations!

I suppose I'll be going down to the printing store, then. Buying some fine timey-winey, getting out my old picnic blanket, maybe I'll try to get a telegram inside the Time Lock to tell 'em they can celebrate, 'cos the splendid fellow who got them into this is going to die...

Rory, then? Rory did an awful lot of running and had precious little girlfriend time. Eleven got a moment to shine and suddenly Rory loses his girlfriend! Hmmph. However, there was one scene…

Hi Rory...

OMG, two girlfriends! I have two girlfriends ... and a wife.

Choose between us, Rory.

Well, they always say two is better than one...

Then again, later, poor Rory… he went from having two girlfriends and a wife to…

So much for that one.

And that one.

And, well, just forget that one, Rory.

No girlfriends.

And no wife.

Er, um, this is awkward…look on the bright side, Rory!

What bright side?

You’re not dead!!!!


The Pond! Prejudiced Pond, impersonated Pond, pregnant Pond.

I don't like clones.

You ARE a clone.

Aww crap, yeah, I suppose I am.

Things currently suck for the Pond, but I’m not sure there’s anyone on the crew for whom things don’t currently suck. So, there’s that.

Hi eyepatch lady. I'm asking seriously, are you the Rani? 'Cos that would be kinda awesome.

Next episode: Mysteries are not resolved. Well, except one. But no sneak previews… well, except this one:

“Demons run when a good man goes to war.

Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war.

Friendship dies and true love lies, night will fall and the dark will rise, when a good man goes to war.

Demons run, but count the cost. The battle’s won, but the child is lost.”


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