Almost End-Of-Half-Season Photo Post!

It is Sunday, which means it’s almost next Saturday, which is the end of the season. Actually, for the British, the half-season is already over, so I suppose I should be glad we’re late! As I mentioned before, no “Almost People” review, as I haven’t seen it yet. Instead, expect a review of “Holmes and Watson” later and now, some photos from, weeeeeeeaaaallllll, basically everywhere in the (Nu)-Whoniverse. Allons-y! Spoilers abound and such.

(Muchos updates Monday – I’m sick! Now including more pics from Eleventh Hour, Time of Angels, Amy’s Choice, and more!)

Season Six pictures:

Ten said it rather half-heartedly; with Eleven, I believe it.

Three versions:

(Can you tell that I ship them yet?)

It's a Nine quote, but this picture just fit.

Season Five:

A “Pandorica Opens” mini-story:

Another mini-story, from the beginning of “The Beast Below”:

“Flesh and Stone”:

Something that never properly happened (but should and won’t):

End Of Time stuff:

Nine (“Dalek”):

And, for our grand finale…


Do you love the TV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Poirot? I think it’s good, though a bit slow. So, presenting the star of the show that should be called the “Why Hastings is an idiot show”:


Oh, and you can’t forget Miss Lemon:

Embossed, 'cos she's just that cool.

(Poirot reminds me of my Spanish teacher. A lot.)


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