Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot


Oooh! A romp! And a good one, as well, pirates and one-liners and maybe just the slightest hint of, umm… spoilers? I love a good romp.

So does the Doctor.


Right, so, I thought this was pretty good, actually, but a quick note to Moffat and Steve Thompson (who wrote this): STOP KILLING RORY. Or pretending to kill Rory. Or just killing Rory a little bit. Or faking us out and making it seem like you’re killing Rory. Just stop.

Rory doesn't want to be dead either.

I sort of thought we were safe from that sort of thing last week, ‘cos you killed the Doctor instead, but noooo. Rory doesn’t need to become the kicked puppy, the mouth-breather, the Fargo of Doctor Who.  So please don’t make him that. Okay? Okay. Second thing:

Pond, take a CPR class.

Amy, do you call that trying? Really? Amy, you kinda suck at CPR. It’s not even very hard! At least there’s a reason why we need Rory now. If anyone ever has any respiratory problems, don’t call Amy. Then again, couldn’t the Doctor have helped? A little bit? Sure, we don’t want the kissing (Rory =! Captain Jack), but maybe he could have done the hand motions? Instead of standing by looking like, well, this?

Yeah...well then...Rory's dying, er...keep trying then Pond...nuthin' I can do!

(Random note: if the Doctor bites his fingernails in times of tension or trouble, then he really should have no fingernails left. Or toenails.)

Buuuut! Enough with the quibbles! I liked the episode, the episode was brilliant. Though not exactly mind-blowing or absolutely bonkers like the previous episodes, it was a very pleasant romp.

That's it, Doctor, you need to wear a new hat every episode.

Here’s my romp rating scale: funny is important, rather the most important, because you don’t expect a romp to be very timey or wimey or serious or sad. Creepy is also important, if the monsters are rubbish it gets a lower score. However, if it’s funny enough, it’s fine if the monsters are rubbish. Like The Unicorn And The Wasp. The monster was horrible in that (a giant bee, really?), but it was quite possibly the funniest episode of Doctor Who yet. Plus, Donna and the Doctor were adorable.

(I needed an excuse to post this scene. You lot, everyone, go out and watch this episode, yes?)

More restrictions for a romp: little or no angst, please. A good romp should be a distraction from the Doc’s everyday troubles, not just another day where he loses everyone. Finally, keep the death toll low. It gets rather depressing (not to mention creepy, the Doctor’s sauntering around grinning while everyone dies) if everyone dies.

On most of these points, the episode did admirably. Well, the monster was a bit rubbish – mostly in looks, she looked rather silly when she was mad.

It wasn’t a bad idea, though, the rather misguided doctor-hologram from a different universe (I was wondering if we were going to see any long, lingering looks from Eleven when he landed in the other universe; Can I go see Roooooooooose?), stealing people with any sort of injuries. Although I don’t know why she had to go hook them up to an oxygen tank when they got a cut instead of giving them a band-aid and sending them off. Overprotective, I suppose.

The whole ‘black spot’ thing was never properly explained. Why, exactly, did it appear? Was there any practical use, or was it just really creepy? Which it sort of was, I’ll give it that…

The main cast? Mostly brilliant. As usual. Except for the part when the siren was calling them, but I don’t think it was really their faults.

Time to act like idiots!

Eleven juuust keeps pushing the limits. Of adorableness, mostly.

*huff* *huff* *huff* *huff* *huff*

*huff* *huff* *huff* *huff* *huff*

Heh. And Eleven’s stuttering is awesome, (1) because it distinguishes him from the always-confident Ten and (2) because it’s just so Doctorly. Also, I’ve noticed (and this was a rule in Season Five as well) that Eleven has to be shouty once every episode. In this case, he got mad at a pirate for being too pirate-y, which was a bit odd. Ooooh, and…

Where have you gone, my love?

…why do I suddenly ship Eleven/TARDIS?

Another thing that’s back: Eleven being brilliant around kids. And exuding “I was a father once” more than Ten ever did.

"Good night, Amelia." I actually snorted out loud, because he sounded so old. Just that moment, he sounded exactly like a grandfather.

Finally, in the last moments, Eleven reminded me an awful lot of the Second Doctor. Which was rather thrilling, to feel that the Doc always is the same person.

Amy didn’t have very many epic moments, save the sword fight (how did she get so good? I wonder if it’s like Donna, who needed “the element of surprise” for boyfriends.). And this…

I don't have a picture of eyepatch lady 'cos she's just so darn mysterious.

EYEPATCH LADY IS BAAAAACK! No, I don’t understand either. Right now, S6 is just a big pile of enigmas.

“I’m confused.”

“Yeah, well, it’s a big club. We should get t-shirts.”

It is a bit amusing that every time the Doctor says anything about death or morality now, Amy and Rory must exchange angsty looks. I wonder if he thinks it’s suspicious.

Is this some kind of married people thing?

Oh, oh dear, and finally Rory. Truly, actually, in retrospect…Rory was treated rather horribly in this episode. Either he was an utter idiot, possessed by the Siren, or “dead”. Both of which are rubbish things to be. It’s certainly not his fault, no, I place all the blame on Mr. Thompson. Moffat needs to teach him how to write Rory. Hmph.

I love a beard...

“A ship’s a ship.”

I rather enjoyed the captain, and how he understood the Doctor as a captain like him. A ship’s a ship and a captain’s a captain, no matter what time.

So, in conclusion, The Curse Of The Black Spot is a rather solid romp that (smartly) doesn’t aspire to anything more. But, unfortunately, points are off for Rory’s more than slightly rubbish portrayal in this. And Amy’s CPR. And the lack of River. Still, Eleven is brillant. As ever. Watch it, yes? I think newcomers will have less trouble with this one, since it contains LESS DYING, thank you. But it wouldn’t be my first choice as someone’s first episode.

To the next episode then, the Neil Gaiman-penned The Doctor’s Wife. With a name like that, eh… I’m looking forward to more Time Lords. She’s totally going to be Romana. (Er, but Moffat…are you restarting the great Davies tradition of bringing the Time Lords back? Really?)


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2 responses to “Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot”

  1. Nate says :

    The black spot thing was explained at the end, it was a skin sample.
    I thought it didn’t explain very well why Rory needed CPR, though

    • isabellerogers says :

      Oh! Thanks for that. Yeah, I thought the whole CPR scene was not a good idea. It should have been cut, or further explained, or something.

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