Doctor Who: Day Of The Moon

Oh dear.

Blimey. That was – was – was… in the words of Ten, “Barmy! Bonkers! Totally flip-noggin twitters-and-shakes mad! Also BRILLIANT.  And somehow, it managed to be more “totally wall-eyed tea-toast and jam mad” than the previous episode. Which is really hard, by the way.


Moffat, I believe you have quite proved that the one basic thing you need to be to write for Doctor Who is quite, quite mad. At many points, this felt like an absolutely demented fan-fic. Which I’m not sure is good or bad.

Amy’s kid has a Time Head! (she does, ya know.) Amy kid is a Schrodinger’s Baby! Amy’s kid is a frakin’ Time Lord! Amy’s kid absorbed Time Lord Powerz from Doctorly regeneration-then-death! Amy’s kid is River Song! Which means the Doc should probably ask Amy before they go out! (That was their first and last date) Which opens up a world of fic-tastic possibilities! (Amy + Rory are Susan’s great-grandparents!) Which also means River was the girl in the space suit! Which means she killed the best man she ever knew! Which just about ties things up, and is ridiculously clean! Almost too clean! I should probably stop ending every sentence with exclamation points!

Does anyone get the feeling BBC special effects department loved this story? 'Cos it had 120% more regeneration effects than the average episode.

So, ahem. (*straightens bowtie*) Enough with the chin-wagging, as Nine would say. Enough with my little brilliant ridiculous theory. On to the review.

Welcome to America, Amelia Pond.

The episode began, in classic action-movie fashion, with running, big black cars, guns, and lots and lots of dying. Moffat, are you on some kind of “let’s kill all the main characters” kick?

Seriously, Moffat, what's the deal?

Then we visited our new friend, Beard!Doctor. Nice fake beard you’ve grown yourself there, Doccy. Not sure how you managed it in three weeks. Sure River would think it was adorable.

Anyway, the government officials in Area 51 (nice touch) are building a big black box for the Doc out of big black bricks. Big black magical bricks. The most soundproof bricks ever. Which just might come in handy.

“You’re building me the perfect prison.” *sigh* “Again.”

Then we cut to River, who has a Sharpie and appears to enjoy suicide. (Classy dress, too.)

'Nuff said.

Rory is trapped on a dam. There are guns. They killed Rory. (Moffat, your ‘killing Rory’ counter is currently at 1.)

Not again...


At least the Pandorica had a comfy chair. This is rubbish.

Not really. T’was all a ruse to make sure the Silence couldn’t get ’em! (Amy and Rory are really good at playing dead!) And the TARDIS can now go invisible. Why? For EPIC LEANING, that’s why!

I dare you; lean on something in a cooler way than this.

Oh, and the swimming pool’s back. Heh.

What happens then? Insanity, brilliance, and really, really good acting. The Doctor (thankfully) has a shave. River enjoys guns. Rory is more heroically heart-melting than ever. And the Pond is rather angsty…or she would be if she didn’t keep forgetting about it.

The plot is just too brilliant. The inability to remember the Silence and the clever way of getting around it (red flashing lights in the palm of your hand = creepy as hell, which is always nice)… The mysterious mysteriousness with the time machine from “The Lodger”… The ultimate way of defeating the Silence (“One small step for man… YOU SHOULD KILL US ON SIGHT! … one giant leap for…”) which causes “videophones” to now be heroes… Brilliant. Plus, the whole scene in the children’s home was OH JUST REALLY REALLY CREEPY. You know Moffat has succeeded when my dad wants to go behind the sofa.

Gah. Moffat loves people writing on the wall in creepy ways, doesn't he?

The Doctor? Is the Doctor ever not brilliant? As ever, it was all about the mood whiplash here, the switching from funny to subtly angsty to terrifying to adorably flirty. And Eleven is a master at that.


I sort of snuck onboard Apollo and fixed it. Well, I say fixed…


Did you know, Rory, that things suck when you're me? This is an important lesson.

Oh, and can I just say that I don’t think the Doctor/River could get any more adorable?

“You’ve got a screwdriver. Go put up some shelves.”


*ahem* Let’s talk about Rory Williams, shall we? Rory was still sweet, still a moral compass, still the most straight hero on the show.

Another thing Rory is: hilarious.

So naturally, his relationship with Amy had to get rather awkward (Amy, trapped and abducted by the Silence, asks for the Doctor first. Poor Rory.), then seemingly destroyed (Amy talks about how she loves the one that ‘you don’t think I’m supposed to’ and that ‘fell from the sky’) then, of course, put back together (“IT’S JUST AN EXPRESSION, STUPID-FACE!”). On the list of small details that I love, Amy and her little “him?” She said it like “He only goes for cougars.” Heh.

Rory and your epic speeches.

Rory and his epic little speech about how she hears him, she knows that he’ll save her every time was really, ridiculously touching. That’s love.

Sadly, the Doctor is not impressed.

Plus, more insight into Rory the Roman! (Category of small, brilliant things: Rory: “Rome fell.” Doctor: “I know. I was there.” Rory: “So was I.”)

“Do you ever remember those 2000 years protecting Amy? The Lone Centurion…”


“You lying?”

“Of course I am.”

On to the Pond, yes? She was angsty when she remembered it. Perhaps it’s just those hormones…wait, no hormones…wait, the hormones are back… being pregnant/not pregnant can be difficult.

On the one hand, her little talk with the Doctor was rather heart-warmingly sweet.

"'Cos you're my best friend." Aww...

"What's a time head?" Some much-needed sweetness and also a great term for every single insane fan-fic idea ever.

On the other, there was rather a lot of “OMG IS THAT MY KID OMG WHY DO I HAVE A KID OMG THAT’S WEIRD OMG I DON’T LIKE THAT… what? I forgot.”

Cheer up, Pond. At least you still look good!

Are you my mummy?

Finally, we’re on to River. Brilliant as ever, and as I mentioned the flirty level is on the rise. (And can only climb from here on…) Now we have two couples instead of one couple and two enigmas. And I don’t mind! After all, they’ve pulled it off admirably. It’s not creepy at all, somehow. Just comes off as adorable.

Have I mentioned the kiss yet? Welllllllll… there was kissing! It’s a long way off from “Silence in the Library,” isn’t it? 10/River is pretty unthinkable.

And now I realize I just could have said that the leads were all brilliant. Well, except for Nixon. But that’s okay, because Nixon’s nose was brilliant.

So. In conclusion, I believe there’s only one place in which “Day Of The Moon” fails: giving us more answers. I guess that’s Moffat’s style: give us a crap-load of questions in Part 1, answer about two of those questions in Part 2 and, to make up the balance, give us even more questions.  Everything else was pure brilliance and madness. Because those two aren’t very far apart. Oh, and as far as not alienating the casual viewer, well… the opening sequence might make those (few) newcomers who tuned in last time wonder why he’s killing off the other characters as well. And switch it off. So, sorry, make that two failures. Still, you should watch it, you really, really should. Allons-y!

(I’m looking forward to pirates, because if there’s one thing I need after that, it’s a romp. And apparently the Doctor agrees.)


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