Dear Mr. Doctor: Prologue

This is a little Eleventh Doctor fan-fic, cross-posted to A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. Note that this was written a couple days after the announcement of S6 and the Doctor going to America. My version is very, very, very different from the real version. Hopefully. *ahem*


The Doctor was peacefully operating the TARDIS when something seemed to come to his mind. He puffed up his chest, cleared his throat, and adressed Amy and Rory.

“Ponds, we’re going to America.” He went back to flipping strange switches, as if he expected them both to understand this message perfectly and have no questions.

Amy was rather less than overjoyed. “America?” she said, crossing her arms. “All of time and space, and you’re taking us somewhere we could have gone for 500 pounds on a plane?”

“Well, it’s not like he could top our honeymoon,” said Rory. “That planet, right? The multicolored waterfalls, the mixed drinks, the hovering hammocks…it was wonderful.”

The Doctor smiled to himself.

“And the best part; absolutely no alien invasions.”

“Yes,” agreed Amy with a dreamy look in her eyes, “it was wonderful. But the Doctor will top it. He always does.”

The Doctor seemed to be ignoring this turn of the conversation. He hummed a little to himself, still flicking strange switches, occasionally tapping on the typewriter at the console.

“Right, Doctor?”

A moment passed.


The Doctor looked up, as if on trial. “Um, er, ah…yes, yes, Ponds, I’m still showing you the fantastic places you’ve never been before.” He paused, looking a bit uncomfortable. “You’ve never been to America before, have you?”

“Once,” said Rory quietly, “when I was five.”

The Doctor glared at him.

“Never properly been to America, though,” said Rory, correcting himself.

“Yes, but what about the wonders of the universe, Doctor?”, asked Amy. “What about some amazing place across the galaxy, like…”

“Like Space Florida?” interrupted the Doctor.

“Well, yes, like that.”

“Well, this is just like that, only without the Space.” The Doctor was obviously pleased with that statement.

“Doctor, you promised us all of time and space…”

But the Doctor was privately sulking and couldn’t be reached. Rory added in his head the rest of that statement: “…but then again, when have you ever kept your promises?”

Amy conceded a small defeat, but was persistent. “All right, Doctor, why are we going to America?”

The Doctor turned around. He had been waiting for her to ask that. “A few days ago, I received a message from the President. It said:

Dear Mr. Doctor,
We request your presence at our first meeting about extraterrestrial life. We’ve heard you’re an “authority” on the subject. Of course, we’ve also heard you’re a “destroyer of worlds” and an “oncoming storm” and also “one who brings death wherever he goes.” So we’re sure it’ll be an exciting meeting! We look forward to meeting you.
Love, The President

“So there was that. Also, the last times I’ve been there haven’t been exactly the greatest experiences, and the last time I met the president he was the Master. All in all, good reasons to go, yes?”

The TARDIS made a familiar groaning sound, indicating the Doctor wasn’t using the blue boringers and never intended to.

“Well, here we are!” said the Doctor cheerfully.

“Yes,” mimicked Amy, “here we are.”

“Come along, Ponds!”

The Doctor walked out the TARDIS doors without realizing the couple wasn’t following him. He poked his head back in the doors. “You’re coming, aren’t you?”

“Well, we…” Rory tried to say it without breaking the Doctor’s hearts. “We just need a moment of privacy.”

“Oh.” The Doctor’s head was still there.

“Privacy, in here.”

“Ah.” The Doctor’s head remained. He swallowed.

“Just for a moment, Doctor…”

“Yes, yes, of course.” The Doctor looked like a scolded child. He took his head out and turned around.

River was facing him. “Hello, sweetie.”

The Doctor looked up, trying not to look impressed. He failed. “Hello, River.”

“Wonderful to see you here,” River Song said mysteriously, “but I’m going to the spa.”

“The spa? What spa?” The Doctor stretched his arms out dramatically. “There’s no spa in the White House!”

“Well, actually, there is. But I’m not going to that spa.”

The Doctor sighed. Of course River wasn’t going to that spa. “What spa, then?”

“The spa in Undisclosed Location, Montana.”

“Sounds like a wonderful place,” the Doctor checked his watch expectantly, “but I have to go somewhere too.” With an arrogant smile, he said, “Date with the President.” He rushed back to the TARDIS, poking his head in again. “You two done?”

Amy and Rory were, predictably, kissing.

“Just when I expect you to be plotting an evil plan or planning a revolt or trying to fly the TARDIS, you’re doing the obvious thing!”

They kept kissing.

“Come on, you can do that later. We’re going to be late,” said the Doctor impatiently.

Amy broke the kiss. “Doctor, you’ve got a time machine, being late is the least of your worries,” she snarked. She leaned in for another kiss, but Rory stopped her.

Rory used to be jealous of the Doctor, but now he was just like his annoying little brother. Odd, irritating, but always with good intentions. And just like everyone else, the Doctor needed to be taken care of.

“Amy, he’s right, you wouldn’t want to be late for an appointment with the president.”

Amy rolled her eyes, but followed Rory.

The three were standing outside the White House in the summer sunlight.

“Now we’re going, River.”

River was gone.

“River?” The Doctor was resigned. “She must have gone to the spa.” Slightly sadly, the Doctor walked up to the White House door in that odd way of his. He rung the doorbell. A sharp-dressed, fit man in his mid-twenties answered.

“Hello, sir, state your name.”

“Hello, I’m the Doctor and these are my friends Amy and Rory.”

“The meeting is private, sir. Your friends will have to stay here.”

“Oh, they will, will they?” sighed the Doctor, looking a bit embarrassed. “Ponds, you’ll have to stay here.”

Amy grinned. She skipped back to the TARDIS, while Rory followed her, giving the Doctor a backwards glance.

The Doctor gave him an unsure smile back. “Give me twelve minutes. I’ll convince the President aliens exist, I’m one of them, and that I will protect him from any and all alien attacks,” he said to Rory. “And have fun.”


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