Fake Blogs

Ah Watson, he always was such a blogger.

I love fake blogs. So much. You know, those blogs created by a TV show or fans of a TV show or even things like Twitter accounts from the eye of a certain object (#GapLogo, anyone?). They are brilliant, especially when they add to your view of the show’s characters or plot. For example, I’ve recently been watching Sherlock, Steven Moffat’s update of the Holmes tales (brilliant, watch it). Here’s an exchange from the blog of Dr. John H. Watson:

“John, I’ve only just found this post. I’ve glanced over it and honestly, words fail me. What I do is an exact science and should be treated as such. You’ve made the whole experience seem like some kind of romantic adventure. You should have focused on my analytical reasoning and nothing more.”

Sherlock Holmes 28 March 17:46

“It’s your turn to buy the milk, Sherlock.”

John Watson 28 March 18:12

Yeah. Brilliant. Just pure fun.  Also worth mentioning are the blogs of Molly Hooper (minor character with major crush on Sherlock, which he uses to his advantage) and  Holmes himself,

And in addition to Sherlock fake blogs we also have, yes, Doctor Who ones. Though a few have been removed, here’s one. Dates back to the first episode of NuWho, Rose. Basically, there’s this conspiracy theorist/crazy dude/Doctor stalker, Clive. He’s Britain’s leading Doctor expert! Naturally, Rose goes to him after seeing his website, which is appropriately stalkerish. Here it is. There’s also Geocomtex’s website (Geocomtex is the corp. run by the guys who had the Dalek in “Dalek”. Strangely enough, they have rather a better sense of humor here.) and the TOP SECRET SITE OF UNIT. UNIT’s website is fairly good to the way UNIT is treated in the new series, about as useless as the policemen in Sherlock. The officers also constantly are divided between “The Doctor is great, let’s hope he comes and saves us” and “The Doctor? Not that interfering busybody again!” Oh, and Martha Jones’ MySpace page.

There’s more at Wikipedia, but a lot of the sites are closed. Which is annoying, because they’re all brilliant. Oh well. I suppose I’ll end with a quote from Ten:

[Martha and Captain Jack are gossiping about the Doctor: Oh, she was blonde! Oh, what a surprise!”]

“You two, we’re at the end of the universe. Okay?! Right at the edge of knowledge itself! And you’re busy…  blogging!!


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