A Few Random Who Things

Firstly: SEASON SIX OF DOCTOR WHO IS COMING, PEOPLE! And I have a countdown clock, because I love it so:
Oh, and, in case my intrepid viewers have not seen it, the trailer:

Right then, on to literary things. A Tale Of Two Cities, right? I have just finished reading the literary sensation that swept the globe, er, a while ago…and probably other planets, too. Anyway, if the inhabitants of Gallifrey were to have traveled around, picked up the book, and traveled back home before that big war thing, they would have noticed in one of the characters an uncanny resemblance to their own friend enemy frenemy, Il Doctore. (I get tired of writing that name, all right? It’s either that, the Doc (which we know he objects to), or “our medical student”, which is: a. inaccurate (907, I think he’s not a student anymore) and b. kind of creepy, because it’s a term the Master uses)

Who, exactly, would this character be? Well, the indefatigable Dr. Manette, of course. Firstly, he reminds me of the First Doctor, so, so much (and not just because he’s an old guy). Reasons later (I have textual evidence, and improper capitalization, which was very, very awesome when I first encountered it).

Dr. Who And The Daleks Poster

Just to make it clear who (NPI) is in the forefront here, heh.

Secondly, ACTOR CONNECTIONS! (this is going to get complicated) Right, so, there was a movie, back in the 60s, during Dalekmania, First Doctor’s era. This movie was called Dr. Who And The Daleks. But (this is the complicated part) the movie didn’t actually star the Doctor. In an odd case of actually being right about the guy’s name, the movie starred a human doctor  named Dr. Who. Lost in translation, I suppose… And Susan’s still his granddaughter, but so is Barbara. And Ian (as we knew all along, hee) is now Barbara’s bumbling boyfriend. And the TARDIS is called TARDIS, no ‘the’, and my brain is crying.

Buuuut anyway, Dr. Who is played by Peter Cushing. And my book is awesome and has “8 pages of photographs from the CBS Hall of Fame presentation”. And just looking through those photographs, we find beardy!Manette, accompanied by this caption: “Dr. Manette(Peter Cushing) Awesome, am I right? And also, as far as this edition goes: John Barsad is played by David Suchet, aka Poirot. Even more awesome, folks.

Thirdly, it’s a valid-sounding backstory for how Susan happened, and for the Doctor’s quite early grumpiness. Here’s my little theory: A young and inexperienced just-out-of Academy Doctor crashlands on Earth, in the rather unappealing time of the French Revolution. TARDIS is broken, or he doesn’t know how to fly it very well, so he settles down (this is why he’s so scared about settling down now, serious trauma). Now, this may not sound like our Doctor, and, well, it isn’t. As Eleven said: “Early days yet. Steering’s a bit off.”

So the young!Doctor becomes an actual doctor, heh, and has a kid, and gets locked in prison, and all. As I said, unappealing time. Events of the novel happen, SPOILERS and all. Then, well, after all that (and it is all that, is it ever) he needs a little  break. And he feels more confident about steering the TARDIS, he’s earned it, after all. But – he can’t leave his kid and grandkid behind, he’s too attached to them. Lucie, being faintalicious (IT’S NOW A WORD) weak ol’ Lucie, would be a terrible companion, and objects. But poor Doctor needs a buddy, as ever, and using TIME LORD SKILLZ gets Lucie to faint (not hard, not hard at all), takes little Lucie, and runs away.

Young Doc can’t deal with the grief, and renames little Lucie (the name was too much of a reminder) Susan. And dyes her hair. And probably uses colored contact lenses, juuuust to be safe. (Yes, child-sized, it’s not improbable. Just remember this guy HAS A TIME MACHINE, and you’ll be okay) And thus begin their adventures through time and space. Yeah.

Would you like some awesome quotes affirming this even more? YES YOU WOULD.

Something that seems like one of those big “The Doctor is awesome” speeches:

Among these terrors, and the brood belonging to them, the Doctor walked with a steady head: confident in his power, cautiously persistent in his end, never doubting that he would save Lucie’s husband at last.” (pg. 271)

And, really, the entirety of Chapter 17, One Night, seen through this light is enough to give anyone the warm fuzzies. (and the, er, cold moisties… Sad.) But there are a few One mannerisms that are quite, quite awesome…

“You are happy, my dear father?” “Quite, my child.” (pg. 187)

Misinterpreting this bit is quite, quite brilliant. Turn on the Murray Gold music, and read:

“Or, if it had been no other, I should have been the cause, and then the dark part of my life would have cast its shadow beyond myself, and would have fallen on you.” (pg. 189)

“I have looked at the moon, speculating thousands of times upon the unborn child upon which I had been rent. […] Whether it was a son who would someday avenge his father. Whether it was a son who would never know his father’s story… I have pictured my daughter, to myself, as perfectly forgetful of me- rather, altogether ignorant of me, and unconscious of me. I have cast up the years of her age, year after year. I have seen her married to a man who knew nothing of my fate. I have altogether perished from the remembrance of the living, and in the next generation my place was a blank.” (pgs. 189-190)

And the grand finale: (yeah, so I suppose current!Doctor doesn’t sleep much, does he? Umm, One is old and tired. Work for you? Works for me.)

“Into his handsome face the bitter waters of captivity had worn; but, he covered up their tracks with a determination so strong, that he held the mastery of them even in his sleep. A more remarkable face in its quiet, resolute, and guarded struggle with an unseen assailant was not to be beheld in all the wide dominions of sleep, that night.”

Yeah, pretty much, that’s the Doctor right there. Eleven, anyone?

Subtle angst = one of the many reasons 11 is awesome.


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2 responses to “A Few Random Who Things”

  1. Cathie Rogers Dowis McBeth says :

    It is soooo good to hear from you my dear one. This was very enlightening and brilliant, as usual. Sometimes I think you have actually been on one of the Doctor’s episodes.
    Thanks for the fun.

    • isabellerogers says :

      Ooh, ooh, and what did you think of the Murray Gold? And the trailer? Excited yet? (bounces) I am!

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