The ‘Wich House (And Voodoo Donut)

The ‘Wich House is a small, quirky sandwich and soup shop. We went there for lunch, and were pleasantly surprised. I liked the ambiance, quirky, but not bus-your-own-table, pour-your-own-water-’cause-we’re-lazy hipster quirky. Everything was just right for a low-key lunch spot. The sandwiched boast home-baked bread and home-cured meat. I got the poached pear sandwich (poached pear, brie, lettuce), and Dad got the ahi tuna sandwich with Oktoberfest soup, which seemed to consist of sausage, beer (lots!), and cabbage. The poached pear sandwich was very good, with the sweet pear matching nicely with the brie. However, the home-baked bread simply wasn’t that great. It was sweet, soft, and boring. Really, it added nothing. It was kinda sad, with all the great bread there is in this area. The Oktoberfest soup was good, but just not my kinda thing. I’d go to the ‘Wich House again for a light lunch.

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However, the menu stated that they had desserts, but no, not anymore. When Voodoo Doughnut (silly spelling, I like my “doughnuts” with no ugh) opened, they stopped making their desserts. So we headed off to the new(ish) Voodoo Doughnut just a few steps away. The storefront was flashy and trendy all the way (as was the inside) but small.

We got the Oreo and peanut butter donut, the Froot Loop donut, and the chocolate cake donut. Worst things first, the Froot Loops on the donut were stale and completely forgettable. Stale cereal and vanilla icing do not a good donut make. The oreo and peanut butter was better, but nothing really special. The chocolate cake donut wasn’t special either, but it was quite good. It was a great basic donut. Still, if you’re here for a good donut, get a basic one. If you’re here for a wacky donut, you’ll like it, but it really won’t be that good. Another sadly resounding ‘meh’ here.

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