The 10 Doctors

The Ten Doctors, by Richard Morris, is an absolutely brilliant webcomic which uses nearly all the characters from Doctor Who, the new series and old series. And that’s not an easy feat. For a webcomic, it’s a sprawling epic (247 pages!). And the writing is as good as an old serial or new episode. It doesn’t skimp on the art either. Sure, it’s not exactly a new phenomenon (it started in 2007), but it’s too good to pass over without a mention.

But before you read The Ten Doctors, you need a little education in the show itself. Wikipedia is a good primer, but to fully understand the characters, you’ll have to watch a few episodes. It just gets funnier as you watch more. (Sorry for assuming my audience knows nothing about Doctor Who. I’d love it if I was wrong!)

The dialogue in The 10 Doctors is usually perfect for the characters. I can’t say it completely fits every time, but nothing’s perfect, right? It bridges the gap between joking about the characters and being in awe of them. It’s never mean to any of them, though, giving every Doctor a chance to shine.

The art is cartoonish but still realistic enough. 10 looks a bit like Archie (well, better than Archie, but there are resemblances), and it does get hard to distinguish all the companions. But Morris does great expressions, which often push the comic over the edge from great to brilliant. Examples:

Here’s a comparison to the real actors:

Still, sometimes the drawings are too cute. Aww, cute little Master planning to take over the universe.

The plot of The Ten Doctors may be better than some television episodes, interestingly enough. There are “edge of the seat” and “behind the sofa” moments, then happiness when our hero (in various forms) comes sweeping in to save the day. There are the epic battles and the hilarious clashes, the heartwarming reunions and goodbyes. The story uses all the emotions and  sometimes you forget you’re just looking at a comic.

Only problem with The Ten Doctors? No Eleventh Doctor. It would certainly be even more epic with Eleven. A story for another time, (and probably written by someone else) I suppose. *sigh* Well, here’s the link. Click next and prepare to read 247 pages in one sitting. Allons-y!


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