The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul

The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul, by Douglas Adams, is another detective story starring Dirk Gently, our detective, a girl swept up in a mystery, and…Thor, the god of thunder. It’s a bit more mundane than The Hitchhiker’s Guide, but still, it’s a exciting mystery. As usual with Adams, the characters are realistic and normal in a strange, strange world. And that formula works well here.

The plot is crazy, hard to keep up with. And in the end, well, I really didn’t understand most of it. But sometimes that’s okay. At the end,  I had a faint idea of whodunnit, and an even fainter idea of how our characters were doing. If you want a clean mystery with everything wrapped up nicely (and a cherry on top), this is not it. But it is a wacky, hilarious take on mystery, and rather gruesome too.

The characters have many different sides to them, which is nice. Dirk isn’t just your average detective, the tall dark mysterious man. He’s also got a touch of Dent at times, and a bit of a mean side. He’s a good character, and made up for the confusing plot. Thor is exactly what you’d expect from a god; egotistical, over-dramatic, mysterious. And Kate is rather like Judy in Monster; that meddling human. Not a new character, but enjoyable.

The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul is a worthy mystery for the Adams fan. It will appease all lovers of his signature strangeness while offering up a nicely done character in Dirk. Pick it up!


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