Story #30

Well, here’s another fairy story. Excited, aren’t you? Oh yes you are.

One day a new class was added to the fairies’ school: Shapeshifting! Everyone was excited, except Animalinia. “I know a little already.” she bragged. She turned into a dog, a frog, a bog, a log, and a clog. “Enough with the rhyming words already!” said Riveria. “But I was going to turn into a cat, a bat, a hat…” Suddenly: *ding*. It was time for their first shapeshifting class.

“Hi, I’m Miss Inu Turner.” the teacher said. A few mean fairies scoffed at her. “What’s with that weird name?” they said. She turned them into hamsters (hence the name), saying: “That’s the advanced technique. Now our first lesson will have to do with history. Shapeshifting is a very old art. Alumina, what time did we discover shapeshifting?” “Year 400, when Francis Turner, trying to make a vaccine for the horrible Pink Disease, turned herself into a rubber ball.” “Ahh, yes. The name isn’t just a coincidence. I’m related to her! Though it worked out in the long run, it was quite a mistake. Especially when the neighborhood fairies decided to play with her.” After an hour of history like that, the class was over. Miss Inu Turner said “Next week your assignment is to turn into each other. ” Everyone gasped in surprise. “I will teach you how. You have the whole week to decide who you want to be.”

*Ding!* The bell, made of (of course) bluebells, rang. “What an assignment!” Daisia said. “I don’t think it’s so bad.” said Riveria. “Let’s have a meeting.” said Alumina. So they flew to their little cottage made of pebble bricks and leaf butter. This house, like all fairy houses, had wings. Butterfly wings. Butterflies make them float. Why do they have floating houses? Because there’s more room to build houses if you can also build them in the air. (It does make flying difficult, though. Always worrying about flying on someone’s property.) After a quick discussion, they decided Riveria would switch with Alumina and Daisia would switch with Animalinia.

A week went by fast, and soon it was time for The Day. “Don’t tell anyone except your partners who you are.” Miss Turner said. “Ready…set…SHAPESHIFT!” It took a few tries for everyone, and a few people underwent unprecedented changes (Riveria has a tiny elephant tail that still exists to this day), but it worked.

When class was over, the principal asked “Daisia” to neaten up the school grounds. “Flowers would really make it nice.” she said. “Easy for you to say.” thought “Daisia”. “Well, some animals should help.” *Poof* a bunch of animals appeared. “I’m done!” she said, and went to her next class. But now there was a rampaging bear outside, which didn’t help. The principal thought “Animalinia” could tame it. So “Animalinia” made a path of flowers, which the bear ate all the way back to the forest. Et voila, the school grounds looked the same as when they started.

One of Alumina’s friends came up to “Alumina” and asked her how her new haircut looked. Alumina’s hands glow when she lies about something. “I…love it!” she lied. Her friend was overjoyed when she saw “Alumina” had not a trace of luminescence, and promptly set a date for Saturday to cut “Alumina’s” hair like that too. Of course, “Alumina” accepted. How could she not?

Riveria is normally soft-spoken, but Alumina is naturally the opposite. As soon as class ended, “Riveria” began chatting up all the new kids, old kids and everyone in between. In no time, everyone was “blablabla-ing” away, which got on the principal’s nerves. “Hi there.”, she said to a new fairy. The new fairy babbled on. “Who taught you this?” she asked. Imagine her surprise when he said “Riveria.”

Soon, it was time to change back. “Ready…Set…Shapeshift!” said Miss Turner. They changed back. “Animalinia’s life is so hard. I need to give her a hug.” thought Daisia.¬† “Daisia’s life is so hard. I need to give her a hug.” thought Animalinia. ” Riveria’s life is so hard. I need to give her a hug.” thought Alumina. “Alumina’s life is so hard. I need to give her a hug.” thought Riveria. And the four fantastic fairy friends hugged each other.


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