Dragonfish Asian Cafe is a restaurant in Portland, OR, that capitalizes things too much. It has a location in Seattle, something I didn’t know when I went there. It’s inside a hotel, but in a discreet way, so we didn’t notice it much. It had typical decor, all flashy, colorful paintings. It was pretty busy too, but there was no wait.

The menu looked very promising. There were the typical interesting appetizers, the stir-fries, and zany sushi. There was one sushi roll that was so crazy we had to try it. The ORE-WAII ROLL: salmon, mango, and coconut, dusted with toasted macadamia nuts, with blueberry wasabi sauce and coconut sauce. We also got some salmon fish tacos (in wonton wrappers) and a Guacapoke (basically spiced tuna with guacamole and a bit of a kick) to share. For my entree, I got orange peel beef and my dad got the black bean hot pot. Nobody else shared their entrees.

The roll was as crazily indulgent as it sounds. It was heavy enough without the sauces, but with them it goes way too far. It was disliked by all of us, though we managed to finish it anyway. It was still fun to try.  The salmon fish tacos were a disappointment to me, with kinda bland fish, a far too heavy shell, and boring veggies. But the guacapoke was delicious, although I had to watch out for the little red peppers. My orange peel beef was fantastic (to quote the 9th Doctor). Flavorful, slightly orangey beef, veggies that were cooked perfectly…it was what wok food should be. I only had a bite of the black bean hot pot, but it was pretty darn good. It was very, well, bean-y, with a slightly fermented flavor.

For dessert, we got the chocolate banana cream pie and the mango tart. The mango tart came out looking  plain, while the pie looked flashy and uber-delicious. I took a bite of the mango tart and it was good, the essence of mango distilled in a tart, but still, nothing special. The pie was as great as it sounded, not much more to say,  and came with homemade chocolate ice cream, which was sadly overshadowed by the fantastic pie. Everyone else raved over the mango tart, though. Mom thought it was a little too banana-y, but I thought that was only to be expected, since it was banana cream pie, after all.

Though the appetizers weren’t the best, Dragonfish Asian Cafe is a great place to eat casually. Though I’m sure there’s better stuff in the Portland area, it was quite delicious.
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