How To Survive Fast Food

As much as we hate to admit it, even us fancy-schmancy food lovers sometimes have to go to fast food places. There might be not enough time, an annoying little brother, someone has to go to a meeting…etc. Here’s a guide for how to get the best possible things at fast food places…at least in my opinion. (Note: this is not the healthy guide)

1. Fries are generally good. They’re not greasy, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong with fried potatoes. The ones at Arby’s are weirdly spiced, but I like them.

2. Burgers vary. You have to be in the right mindset for fast-food burgers; don’t expect the meat to really taste like anything. It’s more the whole package you’re looking for. And I generally feel kinda gross when I eat a fast food burger with more than one patty, but I am a small girl. Carl’s Jr.’s is huge and I actually like it the best. Wendy’s is average, and I usually avoid McDonald’s burger, but I don’t think the flavor is all that different, I just like the chicken better.

3. Chicken is usually safe and sometimes delicious. Wendy’s chicken is good, and McDonald’s has good copycat Chik-Fil-a sandwiches.

4. Drinks? Haven’t tried McCafe stuff, but Wendy’s Frosty is pretty pointless. Usually, water is the best. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Dairy Queen’s new iced lemonade. It was actually sour! (Unlike Orange Julius…uggh, so sweet!)

5. Breakfast isn’t really served anywhere besides McDonald’s (and Burger King, but I’ve never had its). I don’t like the pancakes, but the egg and sausage are acceptable. I usually get the Sausage McGriddle, which is basically bread with syrup and sausage. How bad can that be?

McDonald’s Things To Recommend (or not):

Their Fries. These are crispy, potatoey, and bursting with unwholesomeness. And when they’re hot, they’re a delight to eat in the car. Yes, I want them sometimes. Yes, they are better than some fries at fancy restaurants. Sometimes I wish burger restaurants would bring them in instead of their own ones.

The Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. Yum. The chicken is crazy tender (some would say suspiciously so) and the spices are good too. The pickle, however, adds nothing. Dear McDonald’s, get some crunchy pickles instead of these limp, tasteless thingies. (Just skip the pickle. Bleh.)

The Burgers are very blah. They don’t have much of a flavor, mostly the flavor is of the toppings, not the meat itself. You wouldn’t miss out on much if you just removed the meat patty. Avoid them.

Wendy’s  Things To Recommend (or not):

Chicken Nuggets. The crust on these is not as heavy as the McDonald’s ones, and they’re very juicy. They go fast, though. Don’t be surprised if your five nuggets are suddenly gone. Also, the dipping sauces are all very meh. I’d rather eat them without one.

Chicken Sandwiches, all of them are good. Basically, you can’t go wrong with chicken here. The sandwiches aren’t as juicy as the nuggets, but they’re flavorful. Much better than the burgers.

Fries are bad. To the extent that fries can be bad, these are. They’re limp and need ketchup to be good. It may be hard to resist getting fries, but you will be disappointed if you get these. If you don’t like limp fries, that is.

Carl’s Jr. Things To Recommend (or not):

The burger without any special stuff on it is good. I can actually taste the meat! All that weird stuff they put on the burgers, though, I do not understand.

The fries are good enough. They’re not super-crispy, they’re not limp. They’re just okay fries.

Arby’s Things To Recommend (or not):

Just the regular roast beef sandwich is good, if a bit bland. With cheese it’s better, but sometimes they put a weird onion bun and sauce on it without me asking. So watch out for that.

The curly fries are strange, with an interesting seasoning, but I like them. They’re bouncy and kinda fun! Ketchup, however, is out of the question with these; it’d just be even more strange.

Note: I have never gone to Burger King for anything except fries.


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I'm Isabelle. I'm in 9th grade and go to school at Oak Hill School in Oregon. I love books and food. (And Doctor Who!) I fan-fic as Space Gandalf on Teaspoon ( I also love branding website Brand New, and magazine Mental_Floss. Music - The Talking Heads, Phoenix, Bombay Bicycle Club, .

2 responses to “How To Survive Fast Food”

  1. Jean Sperry says :

    Yes – we all fall into fast food as a necessity at times. My advice is stick with the sandwiches w/o mayo and drink water. I agree the fries are the best part. I always eat them first while they are nice and hot!

    Another option is to take along fruit, crackers, nuts and cheese from home. Can get you thru when having to eat on the run.

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