Latitude 10 Cafe

This is the only picture I can get that has to do with the place. It's kinda old.

Latitude 10 Cafe is a small, artsy cafe inside a health-food market which serves mostly mexican food and a bit of pasta and breakfast. The decor is colorful and eccentric; a bunch of wooden baskets hang on the ceiling and art is everywhere. It’s another bus-your-own table place that has mason jars instead of actual cups for water (like Off The Waffle), but at least it offers ice for your water. We ordered, and then it took a very long time. I thought it could be the cafe’s scheme to sell more things, because I was so bored I wanted to buy stuff at the health food store.

(Fair Warning: I did not get to try the pasta items, as they only serve them Tues-Sat after 3:00, and it was before this when we went there)When the food came, it looked impressive. A big plate of potatoes, eggs with pesto, and toast was mine. Dad got a sandwich (substantially less impressive than mine) and Mom got a burrito. The eggs were nicely cooked with pesto, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a few other things, but they were nothing special. The potatoes were fine, but again, nothing special. Toast was also pretty good. I took a bite of Mom’s burrito; as expected, it tasted deliciously regular.

Latitude 10 Cafe is a place I wouldn’t mind going, but wouldn’t plan to either. It deserves another big, fat “meh”.
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