Sushi Domo

Sushi Domo is the #1 sushi restaurant in Eugene, according to Urbanspoon. And the Register-Guard. So we decided to go there. It’s  an unassuming location, in a strip mall, but inside it’s as fancy as any other sushi restaurant. The menu is large, with crazy-sounding sushi rolls and regular sushi, some appetizers, and americanized chinese food, like teriyaki chicken. For an appetizer, we got the Pork and Asparagus rolls, in which the pork is actually bacon rolled around asparagus, then fried. It came with an aioli and an unagi sauce, which were good dipping sauces, but I preferred the rolls plain. Really, how can you go wrong with fried pork and asparagus? For sushi, we got the Sushi combo, which consisted of some plain fish and rice, a few California rolls with fish on top, and cucumber rolls. The fish itself really didn’t taste like much to me, but it’s not the fault of the restaurant. I just don’t think raw fish by itself is very flavorful. I did like the eel and shrimp. The California rolls were okay, but I did not like the crab that was in there. It tasted fake, even though the menu said it wasn’t. The cucumber rolls were great palate-cleansers.

Later, we decided to get a roll with eel inside and avocado on top. It came with the unagi sauce and aioli on top. It was delicious but quite rich, and we all agreed that one was enough. I would get it again, but as the last bit, not the first of the meal.

Sushi Domo was quite good, and despite a few problems, I would go there again. I think the problems were with picking the wrong things, mostly. I was disappointed with the crab, because most sushi restaurants I go to have good California rolls. I’ll be sure to avoid it next time.
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