Why I Don’t Design Logos (#6)

In a Corporate Logo Office:

“So, boss, I thought of a great idea for a logo. No sketches, no client ideas. Just an idea.”says a Logo Drone. “That’s great, show me!” says The Boss. “Take an E…Now EDput a D next to it…”

“Aww, the white space looks like a smiley face! Or rather, =D the emoticon! Perfect, brilliant. Come on up, Emotions Departments, or even Emotional Development. But maybe there’s more to mine out of this? What if you erase the straight line of the D?” says The Boss. “Yes sir.”

ED(U? C?)

“Ooh, ahh, I can smell the brand trust and logo love already! Lessee, there’s a beautiful sideways U there, or maybe it’s a backwards C…the possibilities are endless! Well, job done! Looks great! I’ll get a client!” “But wait…it looks a bit familiar…hmm…” says Drone.

One google search later…


“Erm, boss, I think you oughta see this…” “What’s the problem? Some random logo. I think your idea was great!” “Can’t you see the similarity?” “Nope! Dunno what you’re talking about!” “Boss, it’s the same thing as mine if you flipped it right-side up and took out the outline and filled the inside with funky random stuff…” “And put in text and made it blue…there is absolutely no similarity. Nobody would think about a logo that much. I love your design! You’ll see it everywhere. That thing is gonna be plastered everywhere! And we’ll have huge piles of money!” “By “we” don’t you mean “I”?” “Well, maybe yours will be a tiny bit smaller than mine. But that’s beside the point. Now, start putting is up on the website, okay?” “Yes sir.”


About queenofokay

I'm Isabelle. I'm in 9th grade and go to school at Oak Hill School in Oregon. I love books and food. (And Doctor Who!) I fan-fic as Space Gandalf on Teaspoon (http://www.whofic.com/) I also love branding website Brand New, and magazine Mental_Floss. Music - The Talking Heads, Phoenix, Bombay Bicycle Club, .

One response to “Why I Don’t Design Logos (#6)”

  1. Jean Sperry says :

    Yep – it does seem to be about the way the business world sometimes seems to work, but mostly because we as consumers tolerate and have an appetite for such. Nice you are figuring these things out so early. You will continue to find much to be amused by as you travel thru life. Happy travels.

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