Granary Pizza/Ring Of Fire

I went to the Thai restaurant Ring of Fire yesterday. Coincidentally, I went to the pizza place run by the same people today, Granary Pizza. (The third restaurant owned by them is just down the street, Cafe Lucky Noodle) So here’s a double review.

Google Images' first result for "ring of fire restaurant oregon"

Ring of fire.

2nd result. Muuuch better.

As the website says: “Ring of Fire & Lava Lounge are located
at the corner of 11th & Chambers in Eugene, Oregon.” It’s an obviously popular place, with full tables and bars aplenty. The ambiance is like any Americanized Thai restaurant, full of cloth draperies and bold colors. We ordered lettuce wraps and spring rolls for appetizers, massaman curry and tuna for main courses, and custard with coconut ice cream for dessert. Also their honey ginger lemonade. The lemonade was refreshingly herbal and just sweet enough. The lettuce wraps were simple, lettuce and some warm chicken and eh..other stuff inside. It had quite the kick to it, though. Unfortunately, it was the spiciest thing in the whole meal, spicier than the curry.  The spring rolls were…spring rolls.  The massaman curry was pretty good, like a stew with potatoes and chicken, but it was too sweet to be curry. I didn’t taste any spice. The tuna with a little salad was cooked well, and the salad was refreshing, but it wasn’t anything very special. My rating for Ring Of Fire was a resounding “meh”.

Ring of Fire Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Granary Pizza

Granary Pizza is in the Fifth Street area, aka “Good Restaurant Central”, where Belly, Sushi Station and Marche are. It’s a huge space with the nightclub downstairs, and eerily unoccupied. However, they are new. One of its main attractions is the nightclub downstairs, with nightly musicians and big ol’ lights. But we ate upstairs. We ordered fried eggplant as an appetizer, a Caesar salad, and 2 pizzas, a Margarita and our build your own pizza, with rainbow chard, roasted garlic cloves, and italian sausage. The fried eggplant, while flavorful, was a bit too heavy on the breading. The Caesar was not a real Caesar salad, as it had an ultra-vinegary flavor instead of the confusing deliciousness that is Caesar dressing. Anyone with the name Caesar, inventor of the salad or Julius, would be ashamed. It was a good salad, but it was not a Caesar. The Margarita was pretty good, but the sauce was disappointing to me. It was simply too sweet, and I wanted that sweet out of my savory. It was still okay, but no matter how good the toppings, crust or cheese are, it won’t rise to deliciousness with that sauce. (A side note; we were sitting near the big tall warehouse where they have built booths. Thor loved looking up the giant warehouse and saying “Hi-yo?”) At the end, Granary also rated a big fat meh. I wouldn’t fight going there again, but I wouldn’t choose to, either.

The Granary Pizza Company on Urbanspoon


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2 responses to “Granary Pizza/Ring Of Fire”

  1. Jean Sperry says :

    So – are you still sure the second hit on Google was better than the first? :>)

  2. Jean Sperry says :

    “It was simply too sweet – and I wanted that sweet out of my savory”……best line I have heard in a long time!

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