20th Annual Chef’s Night Out


I went to the 20th annual Chef’s Night Out, a (brilliant!) event in the Hult Center where chefs around Eugene serve little bites of delicious food for 2 and a half hours. And it’s all for charity. 100% of the proceeds go to FOOD for Lane County,  an awesome charity which gives food to the hungry (and more) in lane county. Several times during the event, I said “Whoever thought of this is a genius!”, because it was just so awesome. Only problem: we threw a lot of stuff away, even though there was a recycling center. But the food, right? The cupcake above was from the Sweet Life bakery and gelato booth, though the ones from The Divine Cupcake were better. We took a picture because it was a good showcase of the portion size (and it was cute). But I found myself wanting a smaller portion later in the night, i. e. one bite. One of my favorite bites was the soup at the Cafe Maroc/Adam’s Place booth. It was like the lentil soup we make at home with less lentils and more chickpeas, and it was quite good.But my dad took one of the oyster shooters there and couldn’t eat it, even though there was a buffalo carpaccio with raw quail egg from The Rabbit which he (and I) ate. Raw seafood just crosses the line.

The Cart for Cafe Maroc

Whoa. That must be fun to ride. Like a golf cart.

The Sweet Basil Booth was probably the best. All of its little bites were very good. The noodles in a leaf were the most showy and delicious. There were 5 levels. As we got higher up, the food got worse, at least the third and forth floors did. However, we missed one of the levels. We enjoyed most things on the lobby floor, although the culinary student options weren’t as good. The second floor was just as good, maybe better. But in the higher levels we started not liking 2 or 3 out of 4 items. We hypothesised that the bottom floor people have the most money, which makes sense.

Some group shots:

Group Shot 1

Shot #1 is of the Sweet Basil booth and…uh, some other business serving fried oysters (I thought it was a chicken wing, but it tasted like fish, so we checked the menu.) Shot #2 is the lobby from above.

Overall, I think it was awesome, though the food quality suffered a bit later. Even though it would seem too long, it was just enough time for a little walk afterwards. Brilliant! Some pictures for the road:

Sweet Life

Yummy cake, cute dress.

Sipping Chocolate

Very good hot or cold liquid chocolate. Pricey, though.


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