Hole In The Wall

Again, no one took a photo of the place.

Well,  it’s another restaurant review, those reviews slowly creeping up on the book reviews. I’ll try to please both the gourmets and the literaries. Today, though, it’s time for a good old hometown favorite…an aptly named place, as it is a bit small. But that’s no problem if there’s delicious barbeque.

Hole In The Wall is a convenient walk across the street from CD World, where my Mary Black-obsessed parents shop. It has a family-friendly but strangely barlike interior. The menu has interesting…descriptions? Quotes? Look for yourself. For Creamy Dill Potato Salad (never ordered it by the way): “Don’t even try to find out the secret to the dressing- if we tell you, we have to kill you!” Sigh. I like my menus without action movie cliches, thanks.

I usually order a pulled pork sandwich, which is consistently in the ok position on the yum scale. But today I got the ribs, which are meaty, ultra-tender, and salted perfectly- exactly what I imagine when I think about ribs. I finished the ribs and ate the sides, which were the fries and BBQ beans. The fries are nothing special, just fries you’ll snack on without thinking too much about their flavor. They’re good with the barbeque sauce in the yellow bottle, though. The beans were surprisingly lacking in flavor. Disappointing. But those ribs make up for the sides. There’s good fried okra, too, but we didn’t have it this visit.

For a bit of good BBQ, go to Hole In The Wall. Just be careful around the sides- they range from bleh to meh to mmm.

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2 responses to “Hole In The Wall”

  1. Jean Sperry says :

    Your description of the pulled pork sandwich seriously made my mouth water…but that lasted only until the mention of fried Okrah…ugghh.

  2. Era Zhyr says :

    Hmm. Though I know that you were disappointed, I am hungry still. Good review.

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