The Rabbit

Sorry, no Belly-like sign picture here.

Yes, it’s that time again when I pretend to be a food reviewer. This meal was too delicious (in most parts) not to review. Sure, there were mistakes, but it was way better than Belly.

The Rabbit is on 2864 Willamette Ste. 300…You know, next to the coffee shop, the Ben and Jerry’s, and the Market of Choice. Fine, here’s a map . So now, the food. We ordered the hot soup du jour, which was Meyer lemon, fennel, and potato, an interesting combo. As starters (I’m not sure I hate that term more or less than “apps”, which can’t be shorthand for both applications and appetizers…so how about neither?), we got the niçoise salad with seared albacore tuna, egg, artichoke, celery root, fingerling potatoes and olives. And also mussels with saffron and citrus. How were they? Well, the soup was weird. I know it was meant to be sensational, but it had foam as the Meyer lemon part and un-noticeable potatoes and fennel. The foam was at least a bit more than just showy; it could be added or not to the soup. But the soup just tasted like meat and salt. It had flavor, just not the flavor the menu said it had. The niçoise salad was delicious, though. It had a lemony vinaigrette that didn’t overpower the rest of it and the sum of its parts was greater than the parts by themselves. Every part was delicious. The mussels were good but nothing special.

Now for the main courses. We got only two main courses because we knew how much this stuff can bloat you. We got pork tenderloin with parsnip, vanilla and burnt onion (Dad’s) and trout with potatoes, chard and sauce choron (mine). My trout was delicious, with the crispy skin and potatoes, though it was a bit oversalted in places and the sauce choron just tasted like sauce salt. The pork tenderloin was better than Belly’s. It had foam on it, though, and it was the same foam as on the soup. (rant) It just seemed pointless to put the foam on a perfectly delicious pork loin. What is up with foam anyway? Why all foam all the time? WHY? (/rant)

We asked for dessert. The waiter recited the two-dish dessert menu as I listened with a sense of wonder. Black olive purée? Butternut squash? On a dessert? We ordered a plate with vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse, and flourless chocolate cake with sea salt on top. Included was a butternut squash puree under the desserts, some kind of alchoholic foam, and housemade cracker jack. The desserts were delicious, but the squash was…squash in a dessert. What more can you say? The foam, too, was foam. Eh. I wanted to bring the cracker jack home, though. It made me realize how bad branded cracker jack is.

The Rabbit was quite good. Though it had a few problems, it was mostly just really good food.

Update: (08/08/10) The head chef here has won the Bite Of Oregon‘s Iron Chef Oregon contest. So go check The Rabbit out!
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