Island Of The Blue Dolphins

Island of the blue dolphins

Island Of The Blue Dolphins is a book most people have read. It’s a book that everyone thinks is great in book clubs. And it’s a book that I find pretty boring. Sure, it has some good things about it, but the ultra-descriptive thing just isn’t cutting it for me. Here’s an example: “I looked at the garbage can. It had red and yellow flies on it, and they were flying in a circular motion. Every few seconds, they crashed into each other. Their eyes had small dots in them. They were the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. Ever.” Yes, maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but you get the point. Poets are always saying that you should describe as much as you can, but you can get too descriptive. (Maybe that’s why most poetry is really boring.)

The plot of Island of The Blue Dolphins is simple. Our heroine lives on an island. One day, her tribe decides to pack up, and they forget she and her brother, who promptly dies. Fun, yes? Surprisingly, that’s all there is to the story. Yes, there’s more, but it’s just about her surviving. It’s rather boring, in fact.

Island Of The Blue Dolphins does have some good points. The heroine is stranded on the island, so she must make cool things from limited items. There’s her hut and her various weapons, which are made out of sticks and whatnot. But…uh…other than that, I really can’t find anything that’s that great about this book. It’s very sad, since half the characters in the book die, and it’s got plenty of “great lessons” to learn, like independence, feminism, and being cold-hearted. Yay!

I’m sorry for the people who love this book, but it’s just not my kinda book. Try it, though. You might like it.


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