Holes, by Louis Sachar, is a deliciously sarcastic and vague mystery. It’s very good mystery lite for kids. It’s pretty pessmistic and very weird, something Sachar is renowned for.

The plot starts with a framing, which means our main character is unjustly sent to a children’s detention school. There’s something they’re trying to find there… and the main characters are determined to find out what it is. There are two stories in this book. It’s very layered for such a short book. (231 pages) It’s incredibly descriptive. It goes back and forth between two times, which is interesting. I think the end is too gloom-and-doomy without humor. When I look at this book, I don’t think survival of the fittest. But maybe that’s just me.

The characters in this book are really great. They’re very true to life, and Louis makes it look easy to craft real-seeming characters. There’s even some frienship without being too sappy, although it borders on sappiness a few times.

Overall, Holes is a great book, but there are a few rough points. Read it whether you’re a boy or girl, although if you like romance  or super happy books, it’s not for you.


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