The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown, is the sequel to The Da Vinci Code. Yes, I rushed to the store like every other book sheep. No, i’m not sorry I did it.  The protagonist is the same as always, that hero-tastic to the point of being a stereotype man. On the first few pages, a woman makes a reference to the last book. But nothing about that girl he had. What was her name? So- something. No, no one knows what happened with that relationship, and no one cares. It would be too complicated to bring her along, because Robbie’s got a new girl.

Nevertheless, the plot is quite good. It starts off slowly as ever- can’t forget the suspense, you know. But then it picks up the pace, and our hero is dashing through D.C. flipping what little hair he has left in slo-mo. It’s all about the Masons and a kidnapping. It’s very thrilling, and I couldn’t put it down…until I got to the positively lame part.

The gimmicklicious and positively lame part is the “death” of Robbie. Monsieur Evil puts him in a box, and fills it with water. Dead, right? Not so much. Oh, forgot to tell you. That water was actually oxygenated perfleurocarbons. Breathable. Of course, when I figured that out, I felt like a dummy. I should have known, really. Everyone knows you don’t kill off your main character. Period. Later, Dan tried to convince me another character was dying. “Sorry, buddy.” I thought. “You fake-kill one person, you’re not tricking me again.”

The characters are…pretty much the same. Robbie is the Hero, Katherine is totally Sophie, with a few minor details changed, Peter is Jacques, but not dead, (admittedly a pretty big difference) and Mal’akh (Oh, how I hate typing that name.) is Silas. Hmm…Dan must have had to spend a whole lot of time on the characters.

But the puzzles are pure deliciousness again. I loved them as much as I love the ones in TDVC. There was a stone pyramid with all kinds of things written on it, and a jumbled mess of symbols that was the ultimate solution. Ahh… I’ll always come back for puzzles, no matter how bad the plot is.

The Lost Symbol isn’t nearly as good as The Da Vinci Code, but it’s worth reading for the puzzles. Go to the store and be a sheep. Baaa.


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