The Shortest Way To Hades

Happy Monday, scant one or two people who are reading this. Sorry for the extra mystery, but I have some catching up to do. Like the new theme? I do.

The Shortest Way To Hades, by Sarah Cauldwell, is another dry academic mystery in the same style of  Thus Was Adonis Murdered.  Unlike Thus Was, there’s actually a pretty huge, surprising twist. And though it’s still rather stripped down in the action department, there’s more action, all right. In my opinion, it’s better than Thus Was, because it’s got that plain mystery quality without just being zzzzzzzzz.

The Shortest Way To Hades is a bit confusing on the plot front, and probably to completely understand it, you need to be a law student, because the characters juggle formal law words around. But you can get the gist of it. It’s complicated and layered, and you need to think about it instead of just staring, saying “Oooh” and drooling. It’s a good plot.

The characters in The Shortest Way to Hades are one thing that hasn’t changed. The main posse is the same as in Thus Was, and the rest of the characters are just as complex. Not much is different, and I’m glad.

The Shortest Way To Hades is a bit better than Thus Was Adonis Murdered, but it’s mostly the same, which is good. It’s another solid, basic murder mystery.


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