Thus Was Adonis Murdered

Thus Was Adonis Murdered, by Sarah Cauldwell, is a very scholarly murder mystery. It’s not really for action lovers, because it’s more about the detective than the murder. It’s all about thinking smartly to solve the mystery, and not a lot of the cold-blooded killer tracking you. The ending is quite satisfying, and you’ll be glad that you kept reading.

Thus Was Adonis Murdered has twists and turns aplenty, although it’s nowhere near as twisty as an Agatha Christie. It’s just confusing enough. Just enough to make me say “Huh?” and flip back a few pages, but not so confusing that I throw down the book and get mad because I don’t understand. It’s also pretty funny, with the distinctive dry English humor of her work. You might not think a mystery and a funny story would work, but it does.

The characters in Thus Was Adonis Murdered are pretty true to life. There’s the amorous and nutty Julia and the smart, scholarly Hilary and her three cronies, Cantrip, Selena, and Ragwort, who are part comedic relief and part detectives. They’re all very likable and I’d like to have coffee with them.

Thus Was Adonis Murdered is a great book. It’s a maze of confusion and humor, and I’m in suspense the whole time. It’s a scholarly mystery and it’s not what I’d call thrilling, but it’s definitely not boring.


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