Gods Behaving Badly

Gods Behaving Badly is another reimagined Greek gods book. When I saw it at the bookstore, it pulled me in, like always. The name is very true to the book. The gods behave very badly. They boast, go back on their word, steal people’s girlfriends, and kill people’s girlfriends. It’s like the Seven Deadly Sins packed into one book.

Gods Behaving Badly is a very wacky book about what would happen if the Greek gods were forced to stay on Earth, live in a house together, and get day jobs. What happens? There’s the typical: Saving the world because Apollo (the god of the sun) is in a coma, therefore the sun goes out.  What? That’s typical. There’s also the strange: the main character’s girlfriend is dead (another fault of Apollo) and so he goes to the underworld to rescue her. A little confusing, but satisfyingly funny. There’s also a simple and predictable love story mixed in. An odd combo, but it works.

The characters in Gods Behaving Badly are just as strange as the plot. The gods mingle with everyone else, and they don’t announce that they’re gods (although anybody who studied Greek mythology would be suspicious of them).  The gods stick to their purpose. In fact, to fully understand the book, you need a guide to the gods. That’s why I’m giving you this. (A mention to Godchecker.com for snarkiness and way too many gods.) The humans are clueless to the gods. Our heroes, Neil and Alice are first clueless like the rest of the humans, but slowly escalate to confused, suspicious, and finally sure of the gods’ existence. They’re not the most complex characters, and they can be kind of stupid. (Geez, study up on your mythology, guys!) They’re naive but sweet in their simplicity.

Gods Behaving Badly is a good book with a crazy plot and funny characters. It’s a short but sweet book, and it’s good as an appetizer for harder books. It’s a good summer book.

Warning: this book is rated PG13 for…mature content. How did I ignore it? (Remember, I’m only 10) A lot of “Lalalalala” and speedreading. But if you have a strong stomach for…that kind of stuff…than go ahead and read it.


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