10 List: 10 Things I Learned From Archie Comics

I like Archie comics. I collect them, and at last count, I have about 350. They’re pretty entertaining, but they have educational value too. Here are the 10 things I learned from Archie comics.

1. Your boyfriend should not be an Archie. Despite being the main character, Archie treats his girls pretty badly. We all know he picks them only for looks, and he’s a two-timing schemer most of the time.

2. Your boyfriend should also not be a Reggie. He’s the bad one of the team, and besides annoying Archie, he’s well-known for having disposable girlfriends.

3. In fact, the only one who should be your boyfriend is a Jughead. He’s the peacemaker of the team, and though he hates girls (a slight problem) he’s the only truly nice one.

4. If you’re a boy, your perfect girlfriend is a blend of Betty and Veronica rolled into one. More of Veronica’s shrewdness (and if you’re that kind of boy, money and beauty), and more of Betty’s general niceness.

5. A lot of vocabulary words. The writers try to sneak some in. The word “entomology” was even in one comic.

6. Don’t make spin-offs for no apparent reason. That Wilkin Boy is an example. Uh…he’s another character in another town. He’s totally unrelated (except for the fact that he’s Jughead’s cousin), so why make him at all?

7. Don’t try to make action-full comics when you’re known for humor. Archie’s supposed to be funny. No, they shouldn’t be stranded on a desert island. No, they shouldn’t be spies. No, they shouldn’t be attacking baddies. Arrgh!

8. Don’t try to change how your characters look. Especially when all your readers say they hate the new look. Enough said. This is a much-ranted topic, and I won’t waste my ranting breath on this. Here’s one.

9. Hide unpredictable spinoffs in the middle of the comic. Often, there are hidden Archie 3000 (archie in the future) comics in the middle of the comic.

10. Don’t have childhood versions of your high-school-age characters. Maybe Little Archie is supposed to be cute, but I find him whiny and boring. Keep the characters the same.

Aside from my ranting, I like Archie comics. Pick up a copy and read for yourself.


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