Word Myths

Word Myths, by David Wilton, is a book that doesn’t seem particularly interesting. But it’s actually quite an interesting book. Word Myths is about, well, word myths. Word Myths are those myths about how words were coined, like the infamous name of the hot dog. If you think it was coined by TAD Dorgan, the writer of the mythological hot dog cartoon at the Polo Grounds and have been telling everyone, you’re a myth-spreader. If you haven’t, but still know about the myth, good job resisting myth-spread. If you’re just utterly confused about all this, you either never read anything  on the 4th of July, or don’t get into pop culture. Either way, you probably need to look at this.

Word Myths can be a bit boring sometimes, but most of it is good. I like it because I love urban myths and how ridiculous they are, and Word Myths is kind of like the scientific little brother of urban myths. I love reading about how Word Myths are debunked. I like Word Myths, and you should read it to educate yourself, to entertain yourself, and to foil the myth-spreaders all around you.


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