The Shadow Thieves

The Shadow Thieves, by Anne Ursu, is a stellar book that’s about Greek myths. I love Greek myths, so I was a sucker for this book. The twists are spactacular, the mythology is nicely worked in,  the characters are good.

The villain is maybe one of the baddest villains I’ve ever seen. 1. He’s planning to make a giant army of shadows and take over the underworld. 2. He makes henchmen out of clay and blood. Whoa. 3. When he takes over the Underworld, he wants to make everyone burn in the evil (well, more evil) part of the Underworld. Well. You should probably keep on his right side, yes? (not that he has a right side; both his sides are pretty darn evil)

The characters are good and filled with emotion and layers. There’s the gloomy Charlotte, the hero Charlotte, and the (rare) happy Charlotte. And there’s the “It’s all my fault” Zee, polite Zee, and “I’m going to save the world” Zee. They’re all good.

The twists are…oh, wonderful. I can’t divulge anything, but I want to. They spin this way and that, never getting boring. Once you think the book’s going one way, it goes the other way. Me while reading: “Oh, well, I guess everyone’s going to die and go into the Underworld. Sigh. Wait…she survived? Oh my god! (Starts hard-core reading)”

Overall, this is a great book. Thank Zeus, there are sequels!


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