Magazine Review: Mental_Floss


The Mental_Floss magazine is amazingly good. It’s full of great, smart factoids and articles. It’s knowledge in a convenient magazine-sized package. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. It is snarky. And funny. It somehow manages to cover subjects like architecture and religion and make me seriously interested waiting for more. But it’s not all boring subjects that are deborified. It’s also hot-off-the-presses subjects like “The 25 Most Powerful Books” (yippee!), “How Pirates Shaped American Democracy”, and “4 Holy Women Transformed by Cheese” (really! I wouldn’t lie to you.) And the best part? That’s all one issue. Yep. They’re all jam-packed with that kind of great stuff. What? You think I could be shilling? (blinks) No… How could you ever think that? I mean, that’s just cruel. (Seriously, I’m not.)

Anyway, Mental_Floss has some purely great stuff. I always wait impatiently for the next one, then battle with my mom over it. (In case you’re wondering, I usually get it first.) Then, as soon as I get it, I rip through it in an hour or two and spend the rest of the day in de-Mental_Flossised sadness. And the cycle repeats. I love Mental_Floss. It’s an incredibly great magazine. You must go read one. Go now.


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