The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, by H.G. Wells, is much more interesting than The Time Machine. The characters are so much more animated. And the plot is much more full of action. It’s about Griffin, a man who goes crazy when he figures out how to become invisible.

Griffin is carefully designed so we both feel sorry for him and want him to die at different times. Even when we know nothing about him, he feels incredibly suspicious. (Although I quickly filled in the blanks. It’s called The Invisible Man, and when someone shows up disguising himself with no skin showing…he couldn’t possibly be invisible, could he?) Griffin is a great character. He’s quite terrifying when he wants to be, and tame-seeming when it fits.

The Invisible Man, even though it’s good, just isn’t my kind of book. The big old action sequences that happen a lot aren’t my thing. I’m not a heavy-action kind of girl. The chase scenes, which are funny because of the fact that they’re chasing something invisible, (“Jeeves, follow that space of air!”) are still kind of boring to me.

The Invisible Man is a good book. There’s lots of action, so boys might like it.  Even for girls, though, it’s good enough to check out.


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