Nobody’s Princess

Nobody’s Princess, by Esther Friesner, is a mythology story about the teen years of Helen of Sparta, the incredibly beautiful princess. It can be a little slow, and I got halfway through it, got bored by it, and forgot about it for a year or so. I hardly ever do that, and usually only in the case of a IBB (Incredibly Boring Book).

Nobody’s Princess is good at expanding the myth a little. Now, when I stop and think about it and the myth, it takes a lot of imagining to connect the dots. How does this warrior princess that hates to be called beautiful connect to the Helen who’s just a prize of the myth? But, unfortunately, it doesn’t explain much. It’s pretty one-sided.

Fortunately for the book, Helen is a spunky Spartan with attitude. She’s clever and shrewd. She’s a pretty great character, which almost makes up for the snail slime all over the book. 

Nobody’s Princess is a pretty good book. I’m reading the sequel, but only because I need to know the ending.


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