Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is a great science fiction book. It chronicles the lives of young genius Ender and his brother and sister. Ender, at 6, is accepted to a war training school. They play training war games. The games are really cool, with hyper-advanced computers that seem to read your mind. (I want one of those!) Be warned, because there are more moral dilemmas caused by the game. Yipee.

There’s a bit of violence, thanks to Ender’s unhealthy habit of breaking bullies’ limbs. But those parts are kinda rewarding too, because of both the bond you have with Ender and the braniacs versus bullies vibe. (Go brainiacs!)  

The other games have interesting strategic elements, and learning about the strategies is almost as fun as reading about mind-reading computers. Like my addiction to short little puzzles, I’m addicted to strategy.

The little subplot about Ender’s brother and sister writing propaganda about the alien war is interesting. Though that part had pretty much nothing to do with science fiction, it was probably my favorite part.

I won’t tell you about the twisty, turny road everything takes at the end. But I’m telling you, it is good! (But don’t skim through the whole book. You’re better than that, aren’t you?)

Overall, this is a great science fiction book. It’s full of science, action, aliens, and delicious twists.


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