The Time Machine

time machine

The Time Machine, by H. G. Wells, is not much of a story. Its dry, dusty characters and unexciting plot don’t exactly make me raring to read more. You’re certainly not very connected with the Time Traveller, the protagonist. His story (which is surprisingly full of details for a story told verbally) is not exactly a “ripping yarn” (their quotes, not mine) as described on the back of the book. It documents the Time Traveller’s trip 800,000 years into the future, where the underground cannibals, the Morlocks, eat the cute, defenseless Eloi.

The Time Machine would be a pretty stinky book if I didn’t point out the fact that it’s actually an anti-socialism rant. Your response will be either “What?” or “Duh.” depending on how well read you are, how old you are, and how much you like to read introductions. I read the introduction of my edition (a Barnes & Noble Classics) which told me the ranty part, forgot about it, read the book, than remembered the introduction. I stopped and thought about the book. (I might have made “Oh…”ing and “Huh…”ing noises)  H. G. Wells, as a rich person, was not very happy about this socialism idea. So he wrote The Time Machine. 

 You see, the Eloi used to be rich before the future world adopted socialism. The Morlocks (the poor) were banished underground to toil for the Eloi. After socialism..well, there was no real use for the rich anymore. Therefore, the Morlocks kept them around just to munch on, like cows. Doesn’t make socialism sound very appealing, does it?

 Overall, for a book, The Time Machine is…meh. But for an anti-socialism rant, it’s pretty darn good.


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3 responses to “The Time Machine”

  1. Dave says :

    I’ve never had the opportunity to read “The Time Machine” however, I did enjoy the 2002 movie. It gave me great motivation to want to read the book. Even open this blog post.

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